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A J Fieldhave undertaken many projects where unfortunately client’s homes have been subject to significant damage.

We have worked with insurance companies and their client’s to work efficiently and sensitively to restore property to its former state.

This is particularly important when renovating buildings as it is imperative that insurers know about all works being carried out no matter how small to make ensure suitable renovation insurance is in place.

By not contacting your home insurers there is always the risk that you are invalidating your current policy and any accidents or issues that could arise will not be covered.

We are experienced in dealing with fire damage, structural damage and storm damage; we initially make the property safe and then move onto the re-construction phase.

If you’re looking for a professional building service that has experience dealing with insurance for your project then get in touch with A J Field.

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what we offer

What you can expect from A J Field Developments

  • Priced schedule of cost elements
  • A written contract
  • A construction programme
  • Full health and safety documentation
  • Regular progress meetings
  • Exceptional quality and attention to detail
  • A comprehensive handover package

We work mainly in Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire, generally within about an hour’s travel of our base in South Cheshire.